How to Be a Better Doctor

As our own medical expert knows from experience, patients who believe their doctor has empathy for their condition can actually experience some reduction in pain as a result. He has been the recipient of multiple Patients’ Choice Awards during that time. Our expert says that the medical professional is constantly changing, with new research enhancing the body of knowledge already out there. By the same token, a patient who thinks his or her doctor isn’t interested in them can experience extended symptoms. A doctor must also show a level of compassion and empathy for his patients as they are usually going through a very turbulent and confusing time in their life, something exacerbated by their current illness or condition. That is why a doctor must be very in tune with the well-being of their patient, whether mentally or physically. Doing so will set you apart from other colder doctors who forget to add a human touch of warmth which has a significant impact on the recovery rate and likelihood.

It’s also very important for a doctor to keep up with developments in the medical profession, in particular those areas of his or her specialty. Our expert has been practicing medicine in Glendale, Arizona since 2008. Patients rely on a doctor’s discretion so that they can freely express their concerns on what are often delicate, highly personal matters that only a doctor should hear.

It is equally important for a good doctor to have empathy for each of his or her patients, says our expert. One of the most important traits that a doctor should have is professionalism.

Before opening his Arizona practice, Barry Littlejohn spent many years in Illinois; he has a total of thirty years experience. It is imperative that he keeps up to date. The doctor-patient confidentiality pact is extremely important. And his experiences have given him some very clear ideas about what makes a good doctor.



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