Barry Littlejohn: An Expert Gynecologist

Barry Littlejohn is a dedicated medical professional who truly cares about the well being of every single one of his patients. He has always put forth the maximum effort possible toward achieving a goal in the future or a specific task at hand. He is currently serving the area of Glendale, Arizona as an expert physician specializing in women’s health and gynecology. He has been expertly trained by some of the top medical institutions and professionals in North America and has been recognized publicly for his work in the gynecological and obstetrical fields. He currently owns and operates a solo practice that is a complete obstetrical, gynecological, menopausal, and reproductive center for women of all ages.

He understands that his patients want a physician that is willing to listen to them and provide personalized health care solutions specific to their wants and needs. He has excellent bed side manner is absolutely devoted to the service he promises to provide to women in need of medical care. However, Barry did not begin his professional career as a physician. In 1976, he graduated from the Northern Illinois University with a Master’s in business administration and began a career in the banking industry for Jefferson Trust and Savings Bank in Peoria, Illinois.

Barry Littlejohn is nothing short of an expert when it comes to being a physician who specializes in women’s health care. He has been devoted to the field for the last 13 years and is committed to providing the excellent care he has every day in the field. He has been expertly trained by fine institutions, but what can’t be taught is what Barry Littlejohn does best. In addition to providing the best in gynecological health care, he also provides care with the utmost empathy and professionalism a patient could ever want from their physician.

He first attended medical school after receiving his Master’s degree in business administration in 1976 and spending some time in the banking industry. He attended the Independent University o Guadalajara in Mexico and then finished his education at the Loyola University School of Medicine in 1984.


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